Destination Happiness Candles

When you're looking for a unique gift with a deeper meaning, Destination Happiness Contemplation Candles are designed to stimulate the senses and touch the heart.
What makes these candles unique is the fact that all 6 in the range have a unique and meaningful quote for the user to ponder as they see it daily. 
With themes of: Inspiration, Happiness, Optimism, Comfort, Me Time & Belief - there is a candle to add a heartfelt touch to any occasion.

Candle creator Angie Hilton is also the host and creator of Channel 9's and Discovery networks mental health and wellbeing TV show 'Destination Happiness'.

Double scented, hand poured locally, non toxic soy wax, all natural lead-free cotton wicks. The perfect gift when you want to say something from the heart.
Angie Hilton
Founder of Destination Happiness Candles

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1 product