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At Desert Shadow we are passionate about living natural, we use the products we make and would never mislead or sell something we didn’t believe would help people. We are on a crusade and do this because we want to make a difference and offer a genuine alternative. An alternative that is affordable, accessible and most importantly truthful and transparent with health & wellbeing of the people & planet our number 1 purpose & goal.

This business was not born from anything other than necessity. Necessity for natural, necessity to do things differently and to shake up the world of the home hair colouring industry. To have product ingredients that don’t cause harm to people or to the planet. To stand up and say NO to companies that sell poisons to their customers and mislead with tag lines and promise of beauty & youth. We want to educate people so they know that they no longer have to harm their bodies with chemical laden hair colours & beauty products
for the sake of beauty.


We thank you for your support in our life mission to spread conscious beauty

Charmaine & Tomas​

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1 product