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 Hi I’m Jodie,

I believe that nature plays a huge and important role in our wellness and we can only benefit from anything that comes from the earth. Our bodies and emotions grow and heal with thanks to what the earth provides and essential oils are a gift which comes from various parts of flowers and plants and are known to be beneficial to us in so many ways. 

I have studied many wellness and healing modalities over the years including Aromatherapy and Kinesi-Crystal Therapy, I am a Reiki Master and l am also active in wellness groups, including a mediumship group. l use my intuition coupled with research to guide me when creating each of my blends. 

I started my Melbourne based business to bring a natural alternative to those who seek it. I source local products where possible and hand pour all of my essential oil products, using top quality, natural ingredients and 100% pure essential oils only so the therapeutic benefits stay intact. 

Let the benefits of essential oils become a part of your everyday life.
Jodie Baker
Founder of Free Yourself Essential Oil Wellness

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11 products