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Homies We Are...

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Mum, Dad and two little girls - we are a small friendly family of four living in a beautiful bushland suburb in the northern reaches of Greater Sydney. We are always in search of natural ways to make our home, our community and our world a better and safer place for ourselves and our generations to follow.

We believe our lives have been enriched by experiences from all our travels around the world. Our favourite parts being ~ the joy of engaging with the locals of the land, immersing ourselves in their daily ways and learning the customary ways of simple, yet joyous living. To add, we do little things to dutifully reduce our carbon footprint as we travel the expanses with our very own feet.

Having¬†travelled to¬†over 30 countries as a family and having worked and lived in four of those, we now proudly call Australia our ‚ÄėHome‚Äô. The wonderful community here aligned with our vibrations. This place has showed us that life can be simple &¬†meaningful¬†with an abundance of positivity and hope.

As we journey further through this life, we not only wanted to teach these positive ways to our kids but also wanted to share and extend this joy to the community around us. 

Our ways of life are inspired by taking a twig from different parts of the world
- Ataraxia from the Greeks
- Hygge from the Danes
- Ikigai from the Japanese
- Yogic mindfulness from the Indians &
- Totem from our very own land in Australia

Homies Aspire to …

Do everything that is sustainable while making better homes and better lives. This lets other forms of life in this planet live better too. #LearnToCoExist
Not spend arms and legs to buy heart-warming products. They are totally affordable. #AffordabilityMatters
Be Local, buy local and even better, care for and support one another! #ChooseTheAussieWay #SupportLocal
Teach their children the importance of finding joy in simple things around us! #LoveThySelf #LoveThyNeighbour
Believe in the beauty of life and the power of unconditional love. #MayTheForceBeWithUs #OneLove

Yes, it’s all about the positive aura as we aim to spread that enthralled positivity!

Homies Go Green...

A home is everyone’s safe place. 
We understand that in a world that is artificially and chemically loaded, it can be an overwhelming process to try to make even small changes towards natural living, which can make a big difference to the planet and our future.

We are keen to help and make this switch easy for you.

The products and bundles are thoughtfully handpicked after extensive search across the country and our consideration to make our homes and lives feel fresh, divine and exotic with the feeling of nature, overloaded!

Homies Can Make a Difference...

We hope to touch the lives of many people as we can and pass on this beautiful message. We would also like to get the kids and pets involved as well - they add meaning to our lives everyday.

We are all in this together in this beautiful world we share. It does not take a lot of effort to do our bit to cleanse, protect and revive the environment.

For the generations to come, we hope you cherish the times of your life with..¬†‚ÄúHome Of My Life‚ÄĚ !¬†¬†

- Ramya & the Little Crew!