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Kitty Kitchen represents feline wellness naturally. We handcraft and blend a range of feline botanicals with plant hydrosols and Australian Bush Flower essences to help your cat thrive in urban environments. Our cat mist range is specifically blended for the feline physiology and offers a safe form of aromatherapy. Our blends support cats who experience anxiety, stress, depression, are recovering from illness or loss, are mature or in their twilight years and those who might benefit from a mood boost or uplift. We even have a blend to assist with feline-human bonding and connection, ideal to use in meditation. 

Inspired by our own two rescue girls Nara and Cookie and our work with caring for and visiting cats in our community, we wanted natural alternatives to support wellness that were crafted for cats and safe to use. Our love of Australian Bush Flower essences was a purrfect match with our hydrosol blends and hence Kitty Kitchen was born.

Our range is very easy to use, convenient and safe. We love that our passion improves the wellness of felines across Australia and we would love your retail offering to be part of our clowder. Our products support cat owners to have peace of mind in using a natural and safe product for their fur baby.

Feline enthusiasts, breeders, rescue workers and catteries use and find success in our range. Millennials with fur babies are key customers and couples who only have fur babies are key buyers. Of course those seeking natural products and Breeders with show cats or who offer new kitten packs enjoy our products. Catteries and rescue shelters love our Calm mist which is our best seller.

Each blend is handcrafted in Brisbane. Our mist bottles are made from recycled plastic and our range is most definitely animal friendly and vegan. As part of our social good, we sponsor rescue cats cared for by a range of local rescue organisations to be neutered, vaccinated and supported in their wellness to become adoptable. Our website provides information on our kitty sponsorship recipients. 

Each mist comes with a crystal pendant which can be attached to collars or carriers or placed under bedding and an affirmation card to use with the mist.

Merredith Hutton
Founder of Kitty Kitchen

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8 products