Vesi Olo

Vesi Olo is Finnish for Water Feeling.

Founder, Mel Rautio married a Fin (yes, a tall blonde Viking!) and lived in Finland for over 5 years. One thing she discovered there was that the people of Finland have a remarkably similar affiliation with water, just like Australians do.

They play in it & on it, get nourishment & sustenance from it and just love being around it. When Mel decided to start the business, she thought about tying the two countries and their love for the water together. 
And so, Vesi Olo was born.

You know that feeling when you dive under that first wave and come up for that first breath?
That feeling is Vesi Olo. You stand there and breathe, look around and you are in that moment, right there.

You Just Be. That is Vesi Olo.

Mel Rautio
Founder of Vesi Olo

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6 products