Herbal Vegan Milk Bath 200g.
Herbal Vegan Milk Bath 200g.

Herbal Vegan Milk Bath 200g


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These bath salts with mineral rich,Ipsom salts and Himarayan salts,healing Australian white kaolin clay and the luxurious addition of Rose petals and Chamomile,Lavender flower. Finely powdered oats make a great luxurious,skin softening and calming bath.

**Chamomile flower,Rolled oats,Epsom salts,French green clay,Sweet almond oil,Bergamot,Lime essential oil
French green clay is amazing at drawing out toxins and heavy metals from the body,deeply therapeutic treatment.Ideal for oily skin

**Lavender flower,Dried rose petal,Rolled oats,Himarayan pink salts,Australian white Kaolin clay,Sweet almond milk,Lavender,Frankinsence essential oil
White kaolin clay is soothing to the skin,helping to calm red,irritated skin while also absorbing oil.Ideal for almost any skin type

To use,scoop about 1/4 cup into a warm bath and enjoy.
100% natural,vegan,paraben free,never tested on animals.
Please stop using immediately if there are negative effects on your skin.

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