Cajeput & Wimmera Pink Salt Dishwasher Tablets (20).

Cajeput & Wimmera Pink Salt Dishwasher Tablets (20)


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These powerful Cajeput Scented dishwasher tablets are made in small batches that will clean your dishes while also deodorising your dishwasher. 

What is Cajeput?
Well its a wonderfully aromatic Australian Native oil that smells similar to Eucalyptus but a tad 'fresher'.

And what about the salt?
Located just 50km from the Mount Zero Olive grove in the Wimmera Region of Western Victoria sits a vast salt lake with a striking pink hue. The lake is fed by natural salt aquifers and each summer dries out to reveal a bed of salmon coloured pink salt.

Closely following the advice of the Barengi Gadjin Land Council, who represent the Wimmera's traditional landowners - Mt. Zero Olives & Salt collaboratively hand harvest the lake for just 2 weeks a year to maintain this beautiful natural resource and the unique surrounds.

Mount Zero Pink Lake Salt is a natural product which varies in pigment from wet to dry. The local provenance of the salt, along with the hand harvesting, natural sun drying and the salts beautiful colour are a mirror Mount Zero's core principles of regionalism, sustainability and quality. 

Ingredients: Naturally Mined, Organic Sodium Borate (USA), Naturally Mined, Organic Calcium Sodium Carbonate & Sodium Chloride (USA), Naturally Mined Food Grade Wimmera Pink salt, 100% Natural Acetic Acid, ACO Certified Organic Essential Oil - Cajeput (Melaleuca leucadendron).

Add one tablet to the tablet compartment of your dishwasher and use as normal. If you find that the tablets won't fit in your dishwasher's tablet compartment, simply place it on the top rack and it will work just fine.

These tablets work wonders on baked on food too - fill a tray or pot with water, drop in a tablet and stand overnight.

Hard Water Note:
If you have hard water, these tablets will clean and remove dirt and grease, however, your glasses will most likely have a few hard water spots and will not be 100% crystal clear.

Add 1Tbsp white vinegar to the rise aid compartment as a rinse aid to help reduce spots.


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