Roll-On Perfume 10ml.
Roll-On Perfume 10ml.
Roll-On Perfume 10ml.
Roll-On Perfume 10ml.
Roll-On Perfume 10ml.

Roll-On Perfume 10ml


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Four fragrance blends available.


Tired of feeling drained and frustrated? This loop can be never-ending but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Because we hate feeling exhausted as much as you do, we created the Dream roll-on-perfume. Not only does it smell heavenly but it’s completely natural too – your body deserves only the best after all.

Lemon Essential Oil: Kicks stress to the curb and promotes a more peaceful night’s sleep
Marjoram Essential Oil: Ensures more oxygen-rich blood reaches your brain
Lavender Essential Oil: Combats feelings associated with anxiety, including restlessness
Chamomile Roman Essential Oil: Enhances feelings of relaxation to promote better sleep


The Uplift Roll-On Perfume from Flaurae was created with a very special blend of essential oils that will uplift your mood and wrap you in a feel-good bubble.

Lavender Essential Oil: Helps put those nerves to rest so that you can sleep
Rosewood Essential Oil: Clears out the mental clutter by helping your brain relax
Bergamot Essential Oil: Helps lower stress levels by having a positive effect on those pesky cortisol levels
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Lifts your mood in those moments when you need an extra mental boost


Wisdom roll-on perfume contains an exotic combination of powerful essential oils that will help you feel more relaxed and grounded throughout your day. Whether you add it to your daily routine or use it on the go, Wisdom Roll-On Perfume will put you in the right headspace for the day ahead.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil: Soothes anxious feelings by having a calming effect on your mind and emotions
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Uplifts your mood on days when you’re struggling to see the brighter side
Jasmine Essential Oil: Eases emotional stress to make it easier for you to take on your day and get things done
Sandalwood Essential Oil: Makes it easier to get a more restful and refreshing night’s sleep


It’s no secret that most of us are running through life, which in any world, results in pure exhaustion sooner or later. We get it, it’s not always possible to take time out to relax when you have a million responsibilities, but there are ways to give your brain a bit of a breather to make it easier to get through those life-giving-you-lemons days.

Orange Essential Oil: Stops anxious feelings from getting the better of you
Bergamot Essential Oil: Helps lower stress by getting your cortisol levels under control
Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender’s soothing effect will make it easier to get a good night’s sleep
Patchouli Essential Oil: Creates more harmony mentally and emotionally
Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: Boosts your mood when you really need it the most

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