Hard Floor Cleaning Pods (3).

Hard Floor Cleaning Pods (3)


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This small pack of ecyo cleaning pods will make 3 hard floor cleaning sprays up to 750ml in size, or you can dilute and add to spray mop.

The pods fully dissolve in water, leaving no residue. When added to water they naturally clean dirt and grime from hard floors bringing out their natural shine.

Use on hard floors Including wood and vinyl.

Scent: Sweet Almond

Use: while designed for spot cleaning problem spots on the floor using a spray bottle, these can be added to spray mops with great success (for spray mops be sure to use at least 750ml - 1 litre of water ). They can also be added to a bucket of water before mopping!

If you are looking for a bottle made of recycled plastic, please look for the "Amber Spray Bottle" product

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