Magnesium Travel Rollers 10ml.

Magnesium Travel Rollers 10ml


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You can now take your magnesium oil with you when you travel in this convenience 10ml roller.

Many people are deficient in magnesium and you can increase your levels in many favourite is through the skin where it is absorbed in and circulated through the body quickly and efficiently.

Some signs of magnesium deficiency are:

Stressed out and anxious
Unable to get to sleep and/or stay asleep
Growing pains, restless leg or cramps
Muscle soreness and tightness

Magnesium on it's own is amazing, however if you add some essential oils you can use their benefits for specific concerns.

Lavender is traditionally known to help ease stress & anxiety and improved sleep.

Peppermint is known as a cooling oil and used to help with muscle tension, headaches, restless leg and cramping.

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