Organic Skin Balm 120g.

Organic Skin Balm 120g


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Organic Skin Balm deeply moisturises and soothes even your most sensitive and irritated skin.

Made from a potent cocktail of plant, earth and ocean-sourced ingredients, it is has been termed ‘wellness in a jar’ for its beauty and holistic benefits.

This deeply replenishing balm is your answer to restoring health and harmony to your skin and recovering lost radiance.

Silky-smooth, deeply penetrative, super nourishing. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

Use for:
Dry and cracked skin of feet and hands
A 2-in-1 soothing and moisturising mask
A deeply nourishing lip balm
Scratches and mild skin irritations
Post wax and shaving on delicate areas
Gentle make up removal
After tattoo care
Nips whilst breastfeeding
Baby’s bottom during nappy change
A calming facial treatment for sensitive and irritated skin
Encouraging nail and eyebrow growth

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