Spirit Heart Cauldron Candle 620g.

Spirit Heart Cauldron Candle 620g


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Mini black cast iron cauldron candle with lid, displaying a triple moon design.

Symbolising the divine feminine and the mysteries of magic in a vessel for transformation healing and abundance. A tool representing the goddess, which can be used with the elements earth, fire, water and air.

Scented with an all-natural blend of creamy vanilla rose, which radiates a powerful association with beauty and love. Each candle is topped with rose quartz, the crystal of unconditional love. Rose quartz supports strong vibrations of love, which strengthens and balances the heart chakra and circulatory system. The purifying effect will open the heart at all levels bringing feelings of deep inner peace.

Burn with intent and once finished you can use your cauldron for rituals, spells, potions, brews, moon water and burning herbal scents. It can also be used as a gorgeous statement in your home to inspire wellbeing through ancient magick.

Soy Wax, Natural Vanilla Fragrance, Rose Essential Oil, Dried Rose Petals.

Approximately 30hrs

Florals have been loosely placed on the top of the candle for display purposes only. Remove these first before burning. Candles are to never be left unattended. Trim wick after each use. Botanicals may smolder slightly in the initial burn. Never burn a candle for longer than three hours at a time. When there is roughly 10mm of wax remaining, do not use candle.

This is a handmade product, each cauldron is slightly different in size and shape which makes it perfectly unique.

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